“I can say that I don’t agree somewhere with how my coach raised me in the sport, but I’m here. And I’m healthy, happy, with victories.” Medvedeva about harsh methods in sports

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Evgenia Medvedeva about the harsh methods in sports.

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Evgenia Medvedeva spoke about the harsh methods in sports. Here’s a translation of her comments.

Previously, Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics Margarita Mamun, commenting on episodes from the movie “Over the Limit” with Irina Viner’s insults addressed to her, said she does not support violence.

“I have two absolutely different examples. I trained both in Russia and abroad – two absolutely different schools. But I will tell you right away that both here and there the approach is quite tough. Differently tough. It’s just that we have it like this: when you have a coach, and you are an athlete. In essence, there is a boss and a subordinate. These are two different scenarios. In all figure skating abroad it is mostly like two colleagues, on the same level. And then an absolutely different, toughest work goes on. And there are conflicts between two colleagues, just as well as between a boss and a subordinate.

Sport is a very tough thing. We just have such a kind of sport that it is beautiful and delicate. And we smile like we spritzed perfume at the end of the program and flew off to win the Olympics. In reality, there is absolutely nothing like that. These are fractures, injuries that need to be dealt with. And sometimes it happens so that in order to go through the path with a broken leg, as it was in my case, there must be some pressure from the outside, because your own pressure on yourself is no longer enough.

And you have no other options, you need to go out to the Olympic Games. It probably depends on the perception but there are, of course, some boundaries. In my case, I can’t say that the boundaries were somehow strongly exceeded. Of course, there were some arguments and conflicts. Even now, I can say that I don’t agree somewhere with how my coach raised me in the sport, but I am here. And I am healthy, happy, with victories.

I can say a lot. I haven’t watched Rita’s interview yet. I’m interested, I want to sit down and delve in, understand exactly what she was saying. But I know that in rhythmic gymnastics there is a completely different approach to sports, even tougher than ours,” said the two-time World Figure Skating champion Evgenia Medvedeva.


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