Florent Amodio is about to retire

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Sad news have come from the team France. Florent Amodio is planning to retire after the European Championships 2016.

I’ll be training in New York two months with Nikolai Morozov for the European Championships, and then I will finish my career. – Amodio said.

I think it interesting that for his last event Florent will train with Morozov and not with some other coach. I still think it was a mistake to leave him, they were a perfect combination.

Amodio hasn’t been showing good results for a long time but I anyway surprised with his decision. Often skaters are trying to skate as long as they can because they don’t know what to do in a life without figure skating. Plus the competition in French team is pretty low, so Florent obviously would have a chance to participate in European and World championships.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. After the Olympics in Sochi I decided to skate another two years to see whether I can qualify for a medal at the Games. However, the gap is getting bigger, I can’t do four quads in one program. I don’t want to lose a few years, that is better to spend on the creation of the future. – Amodio said.

His decision is a sad news for all figure skating fans, because he’s a bright skater with his own style and a joy to watch. But I do understand his reasons and think that his decision is pretty wise. That is why I want to wish him luck at Europeans, to finish his career on the high note and then successfully find his place in a usual life.


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  1. Roony says:

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