Adam Siao Him Fa: “When I heard that backflip was just a two-point deduction, I thought, ‘Then, I’ll do it.’ Figure skating is a rare sport that combines athleticism and artistry. I want to try more various possibilities”

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Adam Siao Him Fa about including a backflip into his competitive programs.

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Adam Siao Him Fa told about his decision to strat including backflip into his programs in the interview with Sport Graphic Number Web. Here’s a translation of his comments.

Answering the question of when did he decide to do the vackflip in the free program at Worlds, Adam told, “Actually, about 12 seconds before jumping (laughs). Around after the Flying Change Foot Combination Spin. I felt I was skating well and in good physical condition, so I thought, ‘Why not put in the backflip?’ Until then, I hadn’t thought of it at all, I only wanted to skate well. But I thought this program would be even better with the backflip.”

This was the fourth time Siao Him Fa showed a backflip in a competition, so he was asked what led him to deliberately include a prohibited element this season? “I first learned it last May. Actually, when I was skating my short program at an ice show in Japan, I thought it would be cool to include the backflip. I asked several judges to confirm what kind of deduction I would receive if I did the backflip in a competition, or whether it would disqualify me. When I heard it was just a two-point deduction, I thought, ‘Then, I’ll do it.'”

Tlling about learnin this element, Adam shared, “My coach had experience in gymnastics, and he also did backflips on the ice. I learned from him. To ensure safety, I first practiced on the floor, doing it every day for two weeks. With a harness and helmet, I did it step by step. On the first day on the ice, I was scared and couldn’t do it. I was told not to do it if I was feeling uneasy. But the next day, I felt confident and thought I would give it a try.” In the end, he says he mastered it on the ice in two days.

“I wanted to add a new choreographic jump to push the sport forward. There are many possibilities in this sport, but it was a bit regrettable that the backflip was forbidden. There are many skaters who can do it, and I thought it would be great if everyone could show what they are good at. Figure skating is a rare sport that combines athleticism and artistry. I want to try more various possibilities,” said Adam Siao Him Fa to the question why did he choose to learn a skill, knowing that it would reduce his score when usually skaters master new elements in order to earn higher points.


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