Kaori Sakamoto: “If I can do a quad, it would be amazing. But I also don’t want to get injured.”

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Translation of Kaori Sakamoto’s comments about winning 2024 Worlds and her future goals.

original source: nikkansports.com dd. 3d April 2024

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Here’s a translation of Kaori Sakamoto’s comments about 2024 Worlds and her next goals made in an interview postd on Nikkansports.

When asked by her achievement of being the first woman to win three consecutive World Championships in 56 years since Peggy Fleming (US, 1966-68), she spoke a bit nervously, saying ’56 years… it’s an amazing figure. This was the season I set this goal, and I’m grateful to those who have supported me as I was able to achieve this result.’

In this era of quadruple jumps, Sakamoto’s comment during the Grand Prix Final in December last year, ‘If you want to see quad jumps, you don’t necessarily have to watch my skating,’ was mentioned. To this, she continued, ‘Of course, while I’m still active, I want to keep practicing and if I can [do a quad], it would be amazing. But I also don’t want to get injured. But I have a feeling that I want to to keep taking on challenges.’ After the World Championships, she has also revealed plans to challenge the quadruple loop.

When asked about how he spends his time off, she mentioned, ‘Traveling and going out with friends,’ ‘driving to see the night view,’ and ‘going to the pool with my sisters and nieces.’ He listed his favorite food as ‘grilled chicken (especially gizzard and liver).’

Kaori also shared that the special menu that is usually off-limits for her is ‘my mom’s handmade croquettes with the secret ingredient ‘condensed milk. It’s sweet. It’s sweet and salty. Before I knew it, I loved these croquettes. But from a sports perspective, I can’t eat deep-fried food very often. I haven’t eaten it recently, like, when was the last time I had it? I used to eat it on special days when I was little,’ she said.

Regarding her comment about ‘starting towards the next goal,’ she said, ‘Of course, I am looking towards to the Olympics two years from now (26 Milan-Cortina d’Ampezzo), and seeing my current performance as a process leading up to that. My main goal is the Milan Olympics. In preparation for that, next season is the pre-season, which is important. I want to work harder than this year.’


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