Sara Conti and Niccolo Macii: “After the failure at the Europeans, we worked a lot with a psychologist. Now, we both feel much more confident.”

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Translation of Sara Conti and Niccolo Macii comments about their performance in the short program at the 2024 World Championships.

original source: by Maya Bagriantseva

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After the short program, Conti and Macii are in third place (72.88)

Sara Conti: The tension was off the scale today, we’re really happy — it’s our best short program of the season. It was quite tough to skate following the incredible reception that the Canadian skaters received. We didn’t even hear their scores — the audience just gave them such an ovation.

We decided to switch the program back to last year’s because I feel much more confident in it. We had no room for error, we needed to perform at 100%.

The European Championships (6th place) was a real nightmare, I don’t even want to remember it — it was the worst competition of our lives.

Niccolo Macii: After the failure in Kaunas, we worked a lot with a psychologist. We understood that all our problems were in our heads. Now, we both feel much more confident. I would say this is a ‘good start’, but it’s already the end of the season — it feels like we were late in finding the right approach for our performances. But I hope this will help us in the next season.”


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