Yuzuru Hanyu: “I think my mission is to continue showing a figure that makes people think they want to do such beautiful skating.”

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Translation of Yuzuru Hanyu’s comments about his show Notte Stellata.

original source: nikkansports.com

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Here’s a translation of Yuzuru Hanyu’s comments about his show Notte Stellata posted on Nikkansports.

The show “Yuzuru Hanyu Notte Stellata 2024,” featuring professional ice skater Yuzuru Hanyu (29), opened at the Sekisui Heim Super Arena in Rifu Town, Miyagi Prefecture.

After the show, which lasted about two hours and attracted 6,100 full-house audiences, Yuzuru commented “I feel that we all came together and were able to put on a good show.”

When asked about his feelings towards the approaching 13th year after the March 11th, Hanyu said “As March 11 approaches, I often think back on that day, and see more images, writings, photos and various other reminders. I strongly feel that the memory of that day must not be forgotten. At the same time, I conserve thoughts of those who may still be suffering from sorrow. There are people who have experienced hardships after that day, and people who have survived from that day till today, in all kinds of situations. I hope that through this show, we can give hope and prayer to everyone, including those who continue to support us, whether or not they were directly affected by the 3/11 disaster.”

This time Hanyu collaborated with actress Mao Daichi and answering the question about the story envisioning in this collaboration, he said, “For this “Carmina Burana,” I first appear as a very innocent boy who doesn’t yet fully know the world and is living feeling happiness. The boy goes on adventures, feels the grass and flowers, and is very innocent. As the boy grows, the goddess of fate appears, and he becomes enslaved by it. He’s no longer moving freely and innocently, but is influenced by the gears of fate. He becomes unable to move freely. Ultimately, he accepts all of his fate and there’s a story of him facing the fate itself, but moving forward with his own will. In this story, I’m skating while thinking that I want to incorporate a strong message that even if you feel pain from natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and the current situation in the Noto Peninsula, or from suffering that is powerless against human power, you should accept and move forward while fighting against it.”

He was also asked about junior skaters from his hometown and his expectations and support for future movements. “As long as I can skate to a level of quality that satisfies me, I might not change my style much, but like how I admired my great seniors who made it to the Olympics from Sendai, I hope that even a few more children who feel admiration while watching me aim for the Olympics and strive to win from Sendai. I think I’d like to at least show them that it’s cool.”

“Yes, this may be my second career now, but for me, I still have the image of it being my first career. Since I’m working harder than when I was actually competing, I think of it as my first career. When I think about what to do for my second career, it changes every day, so for now, I am focusing on the present. But when I see myself, I think figure skating is cool, it’s beautiful. I think my mission is to continue showing a figure that makes people think they want to skate such beautiful skate, that’s what I think for now.”


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