Niina Petrokina: “I’m grateful that I was able to return so quickly. However my leg has not fully recovered yet, I still cannot perform jumps from my left leg.”

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Translation of Niina Petrokina about returning to competitions after an injury.

original sources: dd. 16th February 2024 by Anu Säärits

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Niina Petrokina, who returned to the ice after a two-month break from competitions, took forth place at the Tallink Hotels Cup. Here’s a translation of Niina’s and her coach’s comments posted on ERR.

Petrokina injured her ankle in December and made a comeback at the competition in Tallinn. “The most important thing was that she competed at all. Her leg still hurts a little, and the load is not full,” said coach Svetlana Varnavskaja to ERR.

“We changed both programs. As she showed herself in the short program – I was absolutely satisfied. But in the free skate, I think we just didn’t have enough time to train it properly.”

“I am grateful that I was able to return so quickly,” Niina Petrokina told ERR. “I am very pleased and happy that I was able to perform the elements that I practiced during training. My stress has passed, and now I feel free.”

“I am also very interested to observe my leg. If I am nervous, then the stress is reflected in the condition of my leg,” she added. “My leg has not fully recovered yet, I still cannot perform jumps from my left leg. I performed all the elements of my program from my right leg,” Niina said. “Right now, I cannot train as much as before. I cannot do as many jumps in training as before. I do as many as my leg condition allows.”

Regarding the World Championships, she said, “If there is one month left, then I can manage with that time. I hope to do two axels and three salchows,” said the athlete. “I’m not thinking about the toe loop yet, because it’s a toe jump, and I have to hit the ice with my toe. I think I have to wait a little longer for that.”


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