“I think waiting for two years has paid off.” “I’ve been waiting for two years, so I’ll be happy if I get a medal soon.” Sakamoto and Higuchi about the resolving of Valieva’s doping case

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Kaori Sakamoto and Wakaba Higuchi about resolving of the Valieva’s case and getting team medals after two years.

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In response to the confirmation of figure skater Kamila Valieva’s doping violation, which is expected to result in Japan’s team bronze medal at the 2022 Beijing Olympics being upgraded to a silver medal, team members Kaori Sakamoto and Wakaba Higuchi spoke to the media on January 30 at the National Sports Festival Winter Games venue in Hokkaido.

Sakamoto, who participated in the free skate at the Beijing Olympics, said, “I think waiting for two years has paid off. This issue is really difficult, and there are a lot of thoughts.”

She mentioned that she has the individual bronze medal at home, but the team medal has not arrived in the two years that have passed. “I still have my individual medal, but since the team won it together, I want it as soon as possible,” she expressed, hoping for an early arrival of the medal.

Higuchi, who contributed to winning the medal in the short program, expressed, “The biggest feeling is that I want the medal as soon as possible. I’ve been waiting for two years, so I’ll be happy if I get a medal soon. I feel a happy that I was able to go to the Olympics but I don’t really feel it. Since I don’t have a medal in hand, I don’t really feel it,” she said.

She also revealed that when she went to greet various parties after the Olympics, she felt lonely because she couldn’t bring the medal. “Everyone wants to see the medal, and I feel the same way. There were many conversations like ‘Hasn’t it arrived yet?’ Every time, I hoped it would arrive soon,” she shared.


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