Kamila Valieva: “People actively discussed my body shape online? Let them talk. So, there’s something to discuss – a good figure, ha-ha.”

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Translation of Kamila Valieva’s comments about shape and diets.

original source: Womanhit

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Kamila Valieva spoke about her physical shape in an interview with Womanhit. Here’s a translation of her comments.

Q: There was a period when people actively discussed your body shape online, saying that you gained weight. Even for an ordinary girl, this is a sensitive issue.

Kamila Valieva: Let them talk. So, there’s something to discuss – a good figure, ha-ha. I am going through adolescence, and I should cut myself some slack – you see, maybe I gained half a kilo somewhere. And in stress, it’s typical for many people to comfort themselves with sweets to lift their mood. But now I’ve dealt with it. Proper nutrition is the key to health, I understand that.

Q: Are there any forbidden foods for you?

Kamila Valieva: I believe you shouldn’t forbid yourself anything. The forbidden fruit is sweet. Occasionally, you can allow yourself something tasty. But there are basic plate rules.

Q: What are these rules?

Kamila Valieva: Half – vegetables, a quarter – carbohydrates, and a quarter – protein.

Q: Do you count calories?

Kamila Valieva: No, I don’t. On the contrary, it only harms, as it seems to me. It creates additional and unnecessary stress.

Q: Maybe you have favorite dishes that you cook with your mom?

Kamila Valieva: There aren’t any. I really love fruits – you don’t have to cook them. Not that I don’t like it. It’s just that lately, I don’t have the energy for it. I can make something simple.”


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