“It’s not that I’m dissatisfied with how the scoring went. It’s just that I don’t have room for improvement beyond what I did today…” Shoma Uno about scoring at the NHK Trophy 2023

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Translation of Shoma Uno’s comments regarding his scores at the NHK Trophy 2023.

original source: number.bunshun.jp dd. 28th November 2023 by Yoshie Noguchi

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Here’s a translation of Shoma Uno’s comments regarding judging at the NHK Prophy 2023 posted on Sports Graphic Number Web.

At the NHK Trophy Shoma scored 100,20 in the short program, 186,35 in the free program and placed second overall.

“I knew from the moment I messed up the 4T + 3T that it would be difficult to surpass Yuma’s fantastic performance. However, I didn’t expect to receive a ‘q’ on the first 4T loop. Well, rather than saying I had a low score, I think Yuma was just too amazing,” Uno said about the short program.

After his performance in the free program, when Shoma Uno looked at the score sheet, he was surprised to find that all four of his quadruple jumps had received “q” marks. The judges mostly gave a Grade of Execution (GOE) of “0.”

“I thought I did pretty good jumps,” Shoma expressed during an immediate post-performance interview. In response to a reporter’s question about the visual appearance, Shoma said, “What did you think? I was expecting the scores to increase quite a bit… Having all four of my jumped quads marked as under-rotated, improving this seems impossible for me…”

He emphasized, “It’s not that I’m dissatisfied with how the scoring went. There are skaters who rotate more precisely than me. It’s just that I don’t have room for improvement beyond what I did today… It was a competition where I felt my limits.”

“Today and yesterday, Yuma’s performance was fantastic, so I don’t want to dampen things by saying something. He overcame many difficulties and delivered a great performance. I hope he receives a lot of praise for his victory.”

“What will be the scoring criteria going forward? If, I don’t jump perfectly, like Yuma Kagiyama, to avoid under-rotation calls, I feel that I might retire from competition. I want to take some time to calmly organize my thoughts.”

The day after, Shoma Uno, now composed, had a firm answer within himself. It reflected his desire not to create a fuss resembling criticism of the rules and his strength to “believe in what I have been doing.”

“I’m not thinking about anything grand regarding opinions on the rules. Since I don’t say lofty things, this is just my personal impression. I want to do my best not to inconvenience those around me,” said Uno.


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