“I changed my jumps to be more efficient and use less power.” Rion Sumiyoshi about using men’s single skating as an example to adjust her quad jump

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Translation of Rion Sumiyoshi’s comment about her goals for the seaon and adjusting her quad technique.

original source: nikkansports.com dd. 2d November 2023

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Here’s a translation of Rion Sumiyoshi’s comments before Grand Prix de France posted on nikkansports.

“About last year’s results where Rion finished third in two events, she said, ‘I couldn’t be satisfied with my performance.’ This season, she made adjustments to her jumping technique, taking the experience from the men’s single skating. She said, ‘Men appear to enter the jump with ease without using a curve. I changed my jumps to be more efficient and use less power.’ She also mentioned that she has been refining her accuracy with reference to her teammates Yuma Kagiyama, Shun Sato, and Nozomu Yoshioka.

As for her goals for the season, Sumiyoshi she mentioned surpassing the total score of 200 points. She also expressed confidence in overcoming her mental challenges, which had been a problem for the past year, saying, ‘I feel like I’ve managed to overcome that this year.'”


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