“She didn’t skate magnificently! Yes, perhaps after such an injury. But for her, those were some of the worst performances she had delivered recently.” Eteri Tutberidze about Evgenia Medvedeva at the Olympics

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Translation of Eteri Tutberidze’s comment about Tatiana Tarasova interfered in Evgenia Medvedeva’s preparation to the Olympics.

original source: Comment Show Youtube Channel

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Here’s a translation of Eteri Tutberidze’s comment revealing that Tatiana Tarasova had interfered in Medvedeva’s preparation for the Olympics made in a interview with Leonid Slutsky.

Eteri Tutberidze: The Olympic season begins, and transformations with Zhenya and her mother start. You feel how they are distancing themselves from you. Someone starts influencing the athlete’s opinion, and someone begins to influence the athlete’s behavior, and you realize that it’s someone from the outside.

For some reason, Tatiana Anatolievna (Tarasova) suddenly decided to get involved in her training and advise her, not me. Well, come here and give me advice, from this side. No, advice starts coming from behind the back and an influence on the athlete starts from there. In general, it doesn’t matter.

She approached the Olympics being less sincerely with us. I spoke about a clean tale several times, and that’s how it was here. It’s not that she was a stranger; she was just a little less with us.

Q: At the Olympics, she loses. Although it’s not losing – you did a miracle; she skated magnificently after such an injury.

Eteri Tutberidze: She didn’t skate magnificently! Yes, perhaps after such an injury. But for her, those were some of the worst performances she had delivered recently.

Q: But she cries with happiness.

Eteri Tutberidze: She cries with happiness because it was a very difficult journey. It was really hard. It was no longer clear how to pull her out of that condition, from that hysteria, and everything else.

Q: After this Olympics, probably the biggest internet bombshell that could happen took place. The fans of Zagitova and Medvedeva… what they created was just an inhuman story.

Eteri Tutberidze: I was simply accused there that I leaked the correspondence. But I didn’t leak the correspondence. I was asked a question because Zhenya had said in some interview that we didn’t particularly try to reach out to her, didn’t try to get in touch with her…

That was a lie because I tried, I texted and texted, and called. There was a moment when I called Zhanna’s mom and said, “What’s going on?”

And I hear that she’s nearby. I knew they had gone for a shoot, so I called Zhanna because I knew Zhenya would be there. I said, “Give the phone to Zhenya because she isn’t answering her phone.”

She said, “Don’t involve me in your affairs. These are your affairs and your disputes.” And that was it, she hung up.

Q: Wow.

Eteri Tutberidze: Yes.

Q: Then we know: Brian Orser, the acknowledgments, how everything is great and wonderful, but essentially, the end of her career.

Eteri Tutberidze: No. I think that the end of her career was probably coming after how many years she had been at the top. That’s also tough.” – Eteri Tutberidze said in an interview with Leonid Slutsky on the YouTube channel “Comment.Show.”


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