“Everything happens at a very slow pace. So I can’t say it had a “wow” effect.” Zhulin about Chock/Bates’ FD

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Translation of Alexander Zhulin’s comment about Madison Chock and Evan Bates’ free dance for 2023/24 season.

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Here’s a translation of Alexander Zhulin’s comment explaining why he wasn’t impressed with Madison Chock and Evan Bates’ free dance.

Q: Did Madison Chock and Evan Bates’ new free dance leave an impression on you?

Alexander Zhulin: To be honest, not particularly. What they do well is the cleanliness of their elements. The group in Montreal teaches elements of very high quality. Every time I look at it, I think that all of us, especially myself, need to pay attention to this aspect first and foremost.

But I wouldn’t compare Chock and Bates or anyone else to Liza Khudaiberdieva and Egor Bazin, or to Stepanova and Bukin. You can make comparisons when people are skating in the same warm-up.

I absolutely didn’t like the first part of the Americans’ dance. Firstly, Pink Floyd’s music is peculiar. What kind of acting can you portray there? Nothing. You can show clock with your hands, as Madison and Evan do.

In the second part, they found an interesting solution in terms of choreography: they perform some elements as in a rapid. Yes, I liked that, and I saw a certain novelty in it. But everything happens at a very slow pace. So I can’t say it had a “wow” effect, – Zhulin said.”


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