“I think that’s a good thing” Sota Yamamoto about unintentional delay in peaking.

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Translation of Sota Yamamoto’s comments about his mindset before Skate Canada Grand Prix.

original source: nikkansports.com dd. 27th October 2023

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Here’s translation of Sota Yamamoto’s comments before the start of his first Grand Prix this season.

“Sota Yamamoto, who won the silver medal at the GP Final last season, spoke of the importance of this first GP competition, saying, “It’s the first step towards the final. It’s becoming an important competition. While aiming for the podium and victory, I want to give it my all to showcase the results of the training I’ve done.”

Sota also experienced an unintentional delay in peaking. In previous years, there were competitions such as the NHK Trophy selection event during the summer, requiring him to be in top shape. This season, his schedule included performances in ice shows during that period. He stated that this more relaxed approach to the off-season might have been beneficial, saying, “If I had spent a regular off-season, my peaking would have been later than last year. I think that’s a good thing.” He looks forward to maintaining the progress made from the previous year into his second season.”


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