Shun Sato: “I once again realized that skating is the most crucial element in figure skating.”

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Translation of Shun Sato’s comments about his performance at Skate America and work with Guillaume Cizeron.

original source: dd. 25th October 2023 by Akiko Tamura

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Here’s translation of Shun Sato’s comments posted on Sports Graphic Number Web

“Originally known as a strong jumper, Sato has worked on reinventing himself in the off-season. He worked with Guillaume Cizeron, the 2022 Beijing Olympics ice dance gold medalist, to choreograph his free skate. The new free skate is choreographed to an arrangement of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.

“On the first day we spent about two hours working on skating and he told me that I should pay more attention to my free leg,” said Sato, emphasized the significant difference in the quality of skating.

On the day of the free skate, Shun Sato mentioned that he couldn’t get a good night’s sleep, and his condition wasn’t at its best. While he made some minor mistakes, he managed to complete his performance without major mistakes and have a third-place finish with a total score of 247.50. He said, “I’ve worked on many fundamental aspects from regular practice, and I believe that these aspects are reflected in the program. I’ve also become capable of executing jumps within the flow.” He feels his personal growth through these improvements and emphasized, “I once again realized that skating is the most crucial element in figure skating.”


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