Old dress. To wear or not to wear

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Sometimes we see that a figure skater uses her old dress.  So, is it ok to use your old dress or not? Can it spoil the impression of your program or nor?

First of all I want to mention that it concerns only senior skater who represent their country on high international level but not juniors or skaters who just on their way to national team.

So, when it’s ok to use your old dress? I think in following situations:

  1. It’s a summer competition or just the beginning of the season and your new dress isn’t ready yet. In this case it’s absolutely ok to use one of your old dresses that is the most suitable for the program. (For example, Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte used their old costumes for the new short dance this season at Lombardia Trophy)
  2. Something is wrong with your new one and the competition is too soon and you just can’t repair it in time.
  3. It’s a very old dress that you have wore only a few times and maybe not lots of viewers have seen it. (Madison Chock wears her old dress for a new sp, this dress she wore for the compulsory dance with her previous partner)
  4. You’re keeping you old program. In such situation is ok not to change the costume. Ok but not always a good decision. (Alena Leonova kept her old sp and an old costume with it)
  5. You wore this dress while doing other discipline. If you have switched from singles to pairs, it’s ok to wear one of your old dresses, because in combination with your partner’s costumes it will look different. (Valentina Marchei wears the dress from her single career now doing pairs)

I think I’ve mentioned all common situation when you need/can wear one of your old dresses and it will not affect the impression of your new program. Because when you use an old dress it can brings an old memories and associations into your new program and I don’t think that you want it to happen.

That is why I really surprised why Elizaveta Tuktamysheva uses her dress from last season! She is a reigning World Champion, she is not keeping her old program…..so why? And “because it’s comfortable” it’s not an excuse. I still hope that her new one  just isn’t ready yet, or that her nice dress that we see on test skates needs some rework. And that is why she had to wore the old one at Skate America.

Speaking about the costumes, see who was the most stylish at Cup of China 2015.

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