Yuma Kagiyama: “Competing internationally, I want to stand out with my programs and Carolina Kostner taught me a lot in terms of skating and artistic expression.”

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Translation of Yuma Kagiyama’s comments about working with Carolina Kostner and his goal to stand out on the international arena.

original source: number.bunshun.jp dd. 5th October 2023 by Yoshie Nogichi

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Here’s the translation of Yuma’s comments posted in an article on Sports Graphic Number Web.

Yuma Kagiyama (20) has put together a remarkable coaching team for his stunning comeback from injury, saying “On the technical side, I’ve learned the finer details of jumps and spins from my father all along. On the other hand, in terms of skating and artistic expression, Carolina Kostner has been my coach, and she has taught me a lot about expression and skating during trainings in Italy.”

Telling about some specific advise that Kostner gave him, Yuma mentioned “When you place your next foot, feel like it’s growing from inside your body. Imagine putting about 10% of your body weight on it, and start gliding without haste. If you rush, it won’t lead to better speed.” When adjusting upper body movements, she’d say something like “If you try to move only your arms, your glide will come to a halt. First, let yourself glide, and move your arms as if they are being pulled by the flow.”

Before the Lombardia Trophy in Italy in September, Kagiyama arrived early in Italy to get lessons from Ms. Kostner.

“I received a lot of guidance on improving my skating, which was my personal challenge. Also, this was the first time since spring that I was able to have her review the finer points of my program.”

Kostner also commented to local media, saying, “Yuma has begun to evolve as an artist.”

Speaking about the current level of men’s single skating, Yuma mentioned “After watching competitions last year, I felt that the level of men’s figure skating is getting higher, both domestically and internationally. I’m very motivated. There are various athletes with unique styles worldwide, so I intend to learn from everyone. When I compete on the international stage, I want to stand out with my programs and give it my all.”


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