“They’re very hot-tempered. Krylova had a very hard time keeping them afloat and it didn’t work out in the end.” Betina Popova about Kaganovskaia/Angelopol split up

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Translation of Betina Popova’s comment about the split up of Vasilisa Kaganovskaia and Valeriy Angelopol pair.

original sources: Okko Sports Youtube Channel

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Former Russian ice dancer and now a choreographer Betina Popova commented on the split up of the Vasilisa Kaganovskaia Valeriy Angelopol duo. Here’s the translation of Betina’s comment made for Okko Sports.

“There is no conflict where only one person is to blame. In any, even domestic quarrel, both parties are at fault. Here, there are three or even more parties involved because there are parents as well.

Regarding the contract, the federation provides team members with skates, and shoelaces are included with these skates. So, the situation where Valeriy was criticized for allegedly asking for shoelaces, I see it a bit differently. The contract outlines basic things that are, in fact, already provided. I heard about another version – it’s a bilateral contract that obliges people to a good training process. That’s what Valeriy’s mom wrote about.

I worked with Vasilisa and Valeriy’s group for some time. They are very hot-tempered. Anjelika Krylova had a very hard time keeping them afloat; she did everything possible for the kids to skate and achieve great results. No one knows how difficult training sessions can be for figure skaters. Not all athletes have soft and pleasant personalities.

When two people skate together, they have one goal, and there shouldn’t be any conflicts. However, in moments of tremendous fatigue and incredible stress, when one succeeds and the other doesn’t, arguments can start. Everyone gets into arguments.

Sometimes the relationships between the athletes deteriorate, sometimes they improve. They go from hugging each other like siblings to shouting at each other and arguing. This is a normal working process, but due to various circumstances, they couldn’t find common ground recently. Anjelika had a hard time dealing with this, and it didn’t work out in the end.

As far as I know, the federation was interested in saving this pair and tried to influence the athletes. If neither the coach nor the federation could succeed, we can imagine how serious their disagreements were,” said Popova.


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4 Responses to ““They’re very hot-tempered. Krylova had a very hard time keeping them afloat and it didn’t work out in the end.” Betina Popova about Kaganovskaia/Angelopol split up”

  1. Bethel Choss says:

    They were a joy to watch they were as if they were one when they were skating on the ice each other knew each other’s moods and movements and what to come it seems like they really enjoyed skating together it was heartbreaking when they broke with each other but hopefully they will move on from this and grow they are still young they will survive it’s still fresh God bless both of them and may they become friends again
    Warm regards Bethel Choss ❤️‍

  2. Carol says:

    They were so synchronized. The way they skated and all the acrobatics was mesmerizing. They were sure to have gone on to bigger things. It is sad not to see them skating together anymore. They are young and hopefully find their way.

  3. Marilyn Mazone says:

    We all wish they could come to an understanding and resolve their differences. But if Valeriy’s heart is really broken, probably it would be difficult for him to skate with Vasilisa knowing she has a boyfriend. Their chemistry, I believe was due a lot to Valeriy’s love for her. On videos he always was hugging her, kissing her on her forehead and holding her hand and she went along with it. Something must of happened when she said she had feelings for him and they had 3-month’s relationship that didn’t work out. I wish the best for both of them. ❤⛸❤

  4. Gail says:

    They were MAGIC on the ice. Maybe in time they will come together again. Hopefully, they are brilliant.

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