“Aleksandra especially enjoys being in the new group because she’s surrounded by men every day: young, handsome, and talented.” Dmitrii Kozlovskii about training in Tutberidze’s group

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Europe and Russia’s pairs skating champion, Dmitrii Kozlovskii, who skates with Aleksandra Boikova, talked about their training in the Eteri Tutberidze group. Here’s the translation of his comment for MatchTV.

original source: MatchTV dd. 6th October by Marina Tchernysheva-Melnik

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“We have a big TV screen at our rink where we review our practice skates. We watch the recordings at different speeds to analyze every detail. This is Eteri Georgievna’s approach. Sasha (Aleksandra) especially enjoys being in the new group because she’s surrounded by men every day: young, handsome, and talented. It can’t help but make her happy.

Everything is very productive; there are many specialists, and each one contributes something unique. Our main coaches are Maxim Trankov, Pavel Slyusarenko, and Alexei Tikhonov. We work with them most of the time. Then, in the process, we receive guidance from other coaches in the group. Eteri Georgievna gave us valuable advice on transforming programs, for example,” Kozlovskii explained.

On October 6th, Boikova and Kozlovskii won the Panin-Kolomenkin Memorial in St. Petersburg with a score of 215.67 points.

“It’s nice to start this season at home – not just in our hometown but at the rink where we both trained for a long time as single skaters. Our first joint performance as a pair was also here. That’s why we love this ice.

Today’s performance contrasts with what we showed in September at the test skates. We had a great time with those – it was like a whole training camp. But we approached this competition slightly underprepared. Sasha was sick at first, and then I got sick.

As a result, we did extra work in a short time to get ourselves in shape. In the short program, we had a mistake on the flip, and in the free skate, the illness took its toll, the decline occurred precisely this evening,” Kozlovsky noted.


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