“How do they know what our athletes took, where, and when they went?” Shvetskiy and Tarasova on Meagan Duhamel’s comments regarding doping among Russian skaters

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Philipp Shvetskiy and Tatiana Tarasova reacted on the words of Meagan Duhamel about doping among Russian skaters.

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source: RSport / Sport-Express

Doctor Philipp Shvetskiy responded to the comments made by Canadian figure skater Megan Duhamel.

Previously, the two-time world champion had voiced suspicions about Russian figure skaters, saying, “Stolbova and Klimov used to go to the changing room with Dr. Shvetskiy after warm-up. I always found this strange.”

“I don’t believe it’s appropriate to react to such emotional and obsessive-compulsive disorders, the causes of which are often found in Freud’s work. Over the eight years of participating in international figure skating competitions, I have been around great athletes from all over the world, whose skills I will never cease to admire, including Meagan Duhamel, and I consider myself fortunate.

According to ISU rules, when we competed, the changing rooms were separated by gender, and coexistence was prohibited.

Our relationships, which continue to this day, may be difficult for them to understand because we are a team, representing Russia. However, I am pleased that she remembers me,” Shvetskiy said.

Tatiana Tarasova, a renowned figure skating coach, referred to Megan Duhamel as a “pig” for her suspicions regarding Russian athletes and doping.

“A pig! A real pig! How do they know what our athletes took, where, and when they went?

Why did Duhamel stay silent for so many years? Our athletes never use doping! Never!” said the Honored Coach of the USSR in figure skating, Tatiana Tarasova.


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7 Responses to ““How do they know what our athletes took, where, and when they went?” Shvetskiy and Tarasova on Meagan Duhamel’s comments regarding doping among Russian skaters”

  1. Sophie M. says:

    @La France sportive: Look, whether it’s only ‘on administration paper’ or not, fact is that there was a ban. And it doesn’t matter why RUSADA handed down the sentence they did, the significant bit is that they did. So, my point about Sotskova being banned for a doping violation stands. Because that’s all I said: she got a ban. I made no statement about whether it’s a fair ban or too long or whatever.
    As for that French hammer thrower, I don’t know him, I don’t follow the sport, but again, whether the duration of the sentence is fair or not, at least he served a sentence after he got caught.
    (As for whether the implication that I’m in need of medical/psychiatric assessment is an insult or not, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. In any case, it’s not worth discussing it further.)
    With Simone Biles, I will preface by saying I don’t know a lot about gymnastics, so I’m referring to google searches I’ve done just now. You may well have a point, I don’t know, but as I understand it, Simone Biles has a TUE for Ritalin, which is something Russian athletes, should they need it if they have ADHD also, would have the same right to.

  2. La France sportive says:

    there is nothing but administration paper
    no doping case here
    and Rusada just try to give special hard sentence under pressure of Wada

    you want to speak about doping lets see what going on Real DOPING CASE
    example Athletics Hammer quentin bigot
    oh miracle a french son of bitch
    Im french and im scandalised to see this BASTARD dont get Forever BAN
    yes this is serious case of REAL DOPING
    but only 2 year ban
    very not enough severe
    (advice to consult hospital is not insult but yes i can insult someone as you can see)
    other case of REAL DOPING team USA gymnastic
    Simone Biles
    who take Doping product
    the fact is Medical reason she is NOT ABLE TO COMPETE

  3. Daniela says:

    I’m really sorry but other skaters knew about Stolbova. She Made an incredibile change in her body throuout her career. I think she is a super valid skater. But sometimes bad advice are on the way. Tarasova is really unpolite. Deny what Duhamel saw is stupid. Stolbova was banned.

  4. Sophie M. says:

    Quote regarding Sotskova: “Over two months after her retirement, she received a 10-year disqualification from the sport by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency for forging a medical certificate to explain a doping violation; it was later reported that Sotskova was using the banned diuretic furosemide.”
    Insulting people for simply writing things you don’t agree with is not a good look.
    Heck, I rarely agree with you, yet I’ve never insulted you or recommended you seek medical help.

  5. Amanda Mckinnie says:

    Such an ironic response. Russia has always been number one when it comes to cheating. Sochi was an example of the lengths to which they will go to win. Ban Russia indefinitely.

  6. La France sportive says:

    Sotskova ?? Are you crazy
    my advice for you is to go in hospital your words are no sens
    dear ppl from occident thanks to stop fake news sharing

    the two other case i cant say i dont know them

  7. Sophie M. says:

    A pig? Real classy response there, Ms Tarasova…
    Also, no Russian skater ever used doping? Is that her final answer? Because she seems to conveniently have forgotten about Ekaterina Bobrova. And Elena Berezhnaya. And Maria Sotskova…

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