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After amazing performances of Yuzuru Hanyu and Patrick Chan at Skate Canada I was wondering how the reigning World Champion will reply. And I was worrying whether Javier Fernandez can compete with them. What can I say, the short program at Cup if China was gorgeous!

The program is choreographed by Antonio Najarro and contains so many Spanish arms and moves! It was really powerful and passionate skate from Javier! Who can skate a Spanish program better than a Spanish quy) Actually, I think it’s the best program he ever had. 100% hint! I surprised to see a “serious” Javier, and I need to say I like that. He looks mature, confident and damn hot! This program shows that Fernandez will fight desperately for World title and won’t give up so easy.

I also like that it’s really something new in his skating, I would say a new level of choreo difficulty, of involvement in to the music and character. Presence on ice is just marvelous! A lot of women envied Miki Ando at that moment ))

Javier just must to get into the GP Final! Barcelona must see this program!

Congratulations to Javier and good luck at the free program!

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