“I would like to express my gratitude to the coaches who listened to me and did something interesting.” Kamila Valieva about new programs

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Interview with Kamila Valieva.

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source: Sport24 dd 16th September 2023

Are you and your coaching staff currently following a path of making your programs more complex?

Kamila Valieva: I would like to express my gratitude to the coaches who listened to me and did something interesting. I’ve never had anything like this before. This artistic images are more difficult because it’s easier for me to skate lyrical programs. As for complicating the content… I’m the only one complicating my life here. (Laughs.) The coaches are working on that.

There are many red dresses today. Is this a new trend?

Kamila Valieva: My dress is red because it’s mentioned in the song’s title – it’s about red. Let’s forget about the lyrics (laughs), let’s just focus on the color.

What is your new program about? What meaning do you put in it?

Kamila Valieva: Let’s remove everything. It’s just blues, just our interpretation of the music, I don’t put any particular meaning. My goal is to be visually elegant for the audience, so it doesn’t look vulgar.

Did you have to detach yourself from the lyrics? Have you read them?

Kamila Valieva: I read the lyrics, but I don’t translate them in my head when I skate. They’re just words.

The ending was spectacular – you nearly collided with Tatiana Tarasova.

Kamila Valieva: Well, it was a coincidence, what can I say, haha. I wanted to make a spectacular move near the boards, and it turned out the way it did.

Can we say that you’ve reduced your workload?

Kamila Valieva: Listen… I prepared well, I really wanted to enter this season with a quad. At least to restore it. Unfortunately, on August 16th, there was a planned checkup where they told me I had a detached retina. And a day later, I had to have laser coagulation. It meant two to three weeks without bending, spining, or jumping. So, I skated in this mode – no spins, no twizzles. At the end of August, I had a repeat operation because of small inaccuracies.

I started jumping and training fully on September 6th, 10 days ago. In an extremely urgent manner, I changed my combination and tried to prepare. I am immensely glad that I was able to perform they way I did. Tomorrow, I hope I can show the program because that is the main goal of the test skates.

Kamila, do you think fans should expect to see you this season? – a reference to the upcoming doping investigations that could result in Kamila being disqualified from competitions.

Kamila Valieva: Let’s move on to the next question.

Let’s try to phrase the question this way…

Kamila Valieva: I don’t like your “let’s try,” haha.

Does anything distract you from figure skating?

Kamila Valieva: It’s interesting, haha. Well, listen, we have figure skating for now. September 16-17.

What is your goal for this season?

Kamila Valieva: As usual, I want to restore my physical condition. So that I can truly return to the moment when I’m happy to show some results on the ice.


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