Alexandra Trusova: “In a program, there’s 99% from the choreographer and 1% from me. I rarely suggest some of my own movements, I ask what and how to do.”

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Alexandra Trusova answered questions about figure skaters’ preparation for the season.

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At what point does the work on new programs for the season start?

Alexandra Trusova: It’s different for all groups. I’ve been in many coaching staffs, and they all started working on programs differently. Some start preparing from the end of the season, and they’ve already choreographed everything or started choreography before the break. Some start at training camps.

Who suggests the music for the programs?

Alexandra Trusova: Usually, the coach selects and often brings it to you for approval. If you like it, they keep it. If not, they look for something else.

Have you always agreed with the proposed music?

Alexandra Trusova: Yes, I have mostly agreed. But there was music about which I said, “No, I don’t want this one; I want something a bit different.”

Who makes the final decision about the choice of music?

Alexandra Trusova: Well, it’s probably more of a joint decision. But if I absolutely don’t like it, but the coaches do, they will always look for something new. So there’s never a situation where I skate to something I don’t like.

Have there been cases in your career where you refused one program in favor of another?

Alexandra Trusova: In the Olympic season, I had a different free program offered to me. I asked for “Cruella.”

Has there been a program for which you chose the music yourself?

Alexandra Trusova: Yes, in the previous season, the short program (Indila – Ainsi bas la vida). I came with the music and asked them to choreograph to it, and everyone liked it. I really liked the program.

Is there a choreographer you would like to work with?

Alexandra Trusova: I like working with various specialists, so I can’t name one specifically. I’ve always wanted to try working with different choreographers. Everyone has a different perspective and vision, and it’s very interesting to try.

In terms of the program, what’s the percentage contribution from the coach and the athlete?

Alexandra Trusova: In my case, it’s 100 percent from the choreographer and 0 percent from me. I ask what and how to do. I just put myself into the movements they’ve choreographed. I might suggest some of my own movements but very, very rarely. Let’s put it this way: 99 percent from the choreographer and one percent from me.

What dance style would you introduce into training?

Alexandra Trusova: I think there’s already been a lot done on the ice. Perhaps it would be interesting to incorporate popping (a dance style based on muscle contractions, creating a jerky effect in the dancer’s body – ed). But popping, I think, is such a complex dance style that I don’t even know who could perform it well on the ice.

When do they start making the costume for a program?

Alexandra Trusova: We never make them far in advance. We start looking for some options probably about a month in advance, that’s if it’s for competitions. Olga Ryabenko can sew one overnight. It depends on how much time we have.

What’s the shortest amount of time in which they’ve made an outfit for you?

Alexandra Trusova: One night. I needed a dress for a show, for the performance with Dima Mikhailov. We had it made right before leaving for the show.

I called Olga and said, “I urgently need a dress.” She always has my measurements, and she sewed the dress overnight. It’s very comfortable and fits very well. There wasn’t a single fitting.

How many fittings are there before the final version of the costume?

Alexandra Trusova: Two or one. Or sometimes none at all, when it’s urgent. We do fittings if it’s a complicated dress for an exhibition number where something needs to be taken off or undone. Very often, I go without fittings.

Have there been costumes that you refused?

Alexandra Trusova: In the season when I trained with Evgeni Viktorovich Plushenko, we worked with different designers. We worked with one girl, and she was redoing one dress, and one I refused – we had another one made.

Do you have a favorite color for your outfits?

Alexandra Trusova: In general, I like a lot of colors on myself. I haven’t even tried something on that I didn’t like. I really like burgundy.

Rhinestones, feathers, sequins, gradients, minimalism – choose just one?

Alexandra Trusova: I sometimes go from one extreme to another. Sometimes I want something like this, and sometimes like that. So, there’s never just one style for me. It’s always different.

The most comfortable and the most beautiful of your dresses?

Alexandra Trusova: In terms of comfort, it’s the Olympic “Cruella.” It’s the most comfortable dress, so I brought it back afterward. And in terms of beauty… The one we had for “The Nutcracker” show, it was very beautiful, burgundy.

And the blue one with a long skirt, we had a number for a live performance. I really like that one.


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