“Our federation said that ‘Rammstein’ is unpatriotic, bad and it’s undesirable to skate to it.” Petr Gumennik had to abandon his SP to Rammstein

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Peter Gumennik had to abandon the program choreographed to Rammstein.

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Petr Gumennik explained why he skated his old short program during the test skates.

“I wanted to skate to Rammstein, but due to reasons beyond my control, unfortunately, and to the regret of the whole team, we had to keep the old program. These are the circumstances that arose. I can’t say more. We didn’t want to change the program, but we had to. I found out about it a day before the test skates, and we haven’t come up with anything better yet, so we skated last year’s program. Let’s hope they allow me to skate to Rammstein,” the figure skater said.

Petr Gumennik’s coach explained the reason for abandoning the program choreographed to Rammstein’s song.

“A day before the skates, Tamara Nikolaevna (Moskvina) approached me and showed an email, saying that ‘Rammstein’ is unpatriotic, bad, and similar sentiments, with a request to regulate the sports that use musical accompaniment. She refused to forward this email to me.

The email was from Evgeny Kartushin to the Ministry of Sports’ Matytsin. The mailing list included the addresses of federations for all winter sports.

Tamara Nikolaevna said that this is a matter of state importance, and we cannot prioritize our interests above the state’s interests, no matter what we want.

Our federation said that it’s undesirable to skate to ‘Rammstein,’ but there were no threats of punishment.

We couldn’t find anything similar for the program we had already prepared. Apparently, three days can’t replace four months of work. It’s challenging to come up with a way to defend your point of view when you don’t even have the letter in your hands.

I wanted to withdraw Petr from the test skates because he had just started training after being ill (since we couldn’t perform the new program and he couldn’t execute the elements at full strength, what could we show), but I couldn’t do it. It all got mixed up, and I couldn’t untangle it.

I’m sorry, as a coach, I genuinely feel ashamed,” wrote Veronika Daineko.

Peter Gumennik’s mother has commented on the fact that her son was prohibited from skating to Rammstein.

During the summer, Gumennik had prepared a short program to Rammstein’s “Sonne.” However, today, at the Russian national team’s test skates in Moscow, the skater performed the short program from the previous season.

After the performance, Peter explained that he had to skate the old program “due to reasons beyond his control.”

“Petya and our entire team – we do not mix creativity and the composer or poet’s personality. You can go too far with that, right? Someone drank, someone forcibly married serfs, someone was a cardsharp. I think many people feel this way.

But we had to change the music to avoid unnecessary emotions from people who do not share this opinion, cannot separate the creator’s personality from the product created by him.

So now, when thinking about a new program, we will first of all carefully study biographies. Although with very thorough research, I’m afraid that the suitable circle will narrow.

But jokes aside, it’s important to respect the feelings of others, even if they seem incomprehensible to us,” said Elena Gumennik.


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