“For this season, I prepared programs that dramatically contrasts the emotions of falling in love and losing love in chronological order.” Yelim Kim about her programs to “Ladies in Lavender” and “Je suis malade”

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Yelim Kim about her programs for 2023/24 season.

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Management company All That Sports, which represents Kim Yelim and Lee Haein, revealed the upcoming season’s schedules for both skaters along with their new programs.

Kim Yelim, who won a silver medal at the 2023 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships and became the first Korean to qualify for the senior Grand Prix Final since Kim Yuna, has revealed her new programs music.

Kim Yelim, represented by management companyAll That Sports, has chosen the music from the movie “Ladies in Lavender” for her new short program. Her choreography was done by Canadian choreographer Jeffrey Buttle. For her free program, she selected the French song “Je suis malade” by Canadian singer Genevieve Leclerc. The choreography for this program is by David Wilson and Sandra Bezic, both well-known in the figure skating world.

Kim Yelim’s short program, “Ladies in Lavender,” tells a gentle and heartwarming story set in a rural English village, where a young violinist drifts ashore. The program features pastoral and romantic melodies. Her free program, “Je suis malade,” is a famous chanson that portrays the anguish of a woman suffering from a broken heart through poignant lyrics and dramatic melodies.

Regarding her new programs, Kim Yelim said, “For this season, I prepared programs that dramatically contrasts the emotions of falling in love and losing love in chronological order. The short program is a piece that I have cherished for a long time, and I wanted to express the happiness and dream-like emotions of someone in love.” About her free program, she mentioned, “I chose ‘Je suis malade’ based on the choreographer’s recommendation. Since it’s a dark and emotional piece, effectively conveying the emotions embedded in the music is essential. To enhance my expressiveness, I took acting and choreography lessons from choreographers David Wilson and Sandra Bezic. I want to present detailed and vibrant performances.”

Kim Yelim expressed her eagerness for the upcoming season, saying, “Last season was a career-high season for me, but the way it ended left me feeling unsatisfied. However, I turned that disappointment into motivation for preparing for the upcoming season. I want to become an athlete who moves the audience with mature performances that only seniors can deliver and showcase good performances at the important competitions in the latter half of the season.”

Both Kim Yelim and Lee Haein will kickstart their season with ISU Challenger Series events. Lee Haein will participate in the ISU CS Nebelhorn Trophy and the Shanghai Trophy, while Kim Yelim will compete in the ISU CS Finlandia Trophy. Following these events, they will each participate in ISU Senior Grand Prix events.


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