I missed Patrick Chan

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From the moment the entries for GP events were filled I’ve been waiting for Skate Canada as for one of the most fascinating events in mens skating. It had to be an epic battle between Patrick Chan and Yuzuru Hanyu.

The short program was a disaster for both of them. But in a free it was a real fight! Yuzuru skated great and almost clean, so, I thought that we already have a winner. I didn’t even hope that Patrick can beat such performance, especially after a year break. But Patrick did it.

This performance made me realise how much I missed Patrick’s skating! Previous season was interesting but no one had manage to get close to Chan’s skating. He is a rare example of figure skater that is close to harmony, when high technical mark is followed by stunning skating skills, musicality and choreography.

Last season I tried to find him a replacement in my figure skating fan’s heart but vainly. Denis Ten has always been a talented skater promising to reach that harmony, but he has a limited amount of clean skates for the season. I started to like Tatsuki Machida but he quitted his career too quickly. Jason Brown is an amazing performer and I can’t not to appreciate it. but he lacks a quad. That’s why I’m extremely happy that Patrick Chan is back!

At Skate Canada it was a breathtaking performance of a free program to the beautiful music of Chopin. When Patrick Chan skates like that nothing else matters. No matter how good were the others, no matter how many quads they did, Patrick skates in his own league. It was worth not sleeping all night (I have a big difference in time with Canada) waiting for this performance. Perfection in every move.

And a small costume remark. On the background of sparkling costumes with lots of decor Patrick in his simple trousers and sweater looked like a real man.

In Patrick Chan I have always trusted.


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