“A mysterious and dangerous woman. It’s a piece that I can perform at my age.” Kaori Sakamoto about FP for 2023/24 season

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Kaori Sakamoto about her free program for the 2023/24 season.

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Top skaters gather at the ice show “Dream On Ice 2023.” Two-time world champion Kori Sakamoto will present her new free program for this season, to the “Wild is the Wind” and “Feeling Good.”

In an interview prior to the performance, Sakamoto talked about her program, describing it as “A mysterious and dangerous woman. It’s a piece that I can perform at my age.” She mentioned, “It’s my first time trying a mysterious style. There are still parts of the choreography that I haven’t fully incorporated, but I hope viewers can feel excited and see that ‘this is the style for this year, and it’s starting from here.'”

She discovered the song for her free program this year with the help of choreographer Marie-France Dubreuil, who said, “I found a great song for Kaori!” Regarding her second season working with Marie-France, Sakamoto shared, “She creates choreography that helps me overcome my weaknesses,” and added, “I used to struggle with making big movements and creating ‘pause’ moments, but now I can add more contrast and dynamics.” She expressed her sense of growth through the guidance she received.

Sakamoto said, “This year, I didn’t experience a significant decline in my shape during the off-season, so I want the audience to feel that too. I want them to watch me throughout the season, including the process of my growth.”


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