“I knew that I wanted to continue” Alisa Efimova teamed up with with American skater Misha Mitrofanov

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Alisa Efimova teamed up with with American skater Misha Mitrofanov.

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source: RSport / MatchTV

Efimova will skate with American skater Misha Mitrofanov, who previously skated with Audrey Lu.

Until September 2020, Efimova competed for Russia, and later represented the German national team in a partnership with Ruben Blommaert. In the past season, they placed fourth at the European Championships and tenth at the World Championships, after which her partner retired.

Prior to 2015, Efimova also represented Finland in single skating.

“I have received a release from the German Figure Skating Federation, they have released me. Since according to the ISU rules, I am not allowed to compete in international competitions for one year after the transfer, we will participate in domestic events starting from the new season. Our coaches are Olga Ganicheva and Alexei Letov,” Efimova said.

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“I knew that I wanted to continue, so I immediately decided to explore all possible options. America seemed, of course, very distant.

When the news of Ruben’s retirement came out, Misha messaged me and asked if I was interested in a tryout. We immediately called each other to discuss our respective situations. It was the day after returning from the World Championships in Japan.

Our tryout with Misha took place in Boston under the guidance of Olga Ganicheva and Alexei Letov. It lasted for five days. On the third day, we realized that we were training as if in a full-fledged partnership.

We were already doing siede by side triple jumps, triple throws, various lifts, all the death spirals and spins, and a triple twist on the floor. The coaches confirmed that we match each other.

After all the trials, I realized that Misha is the best partner for me and that it only makes sense to continue my career with him,” Efimova said.


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