“I don’t see anything surprising about it. If you were in their situation, wouldn’t you consider trying it?” Russian specialists on the rumor that Davis/Smolkin got a release and will represent Georgia

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Russian specialists commented on the rumor that Davis/Smolkin got a release from the Russian Skating Federation and will represent Georgia.

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source: Sport-express / Match TV / Telegram

Earlier The Skating Lesson posted that “The Russian Figure Skating Federation has released Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin. Early speculation is that they will represent Georgia. The Israeli federation currently has a number of dance teams coached by Galit Chait – daughter of the federation’s president.” That provoked a numerous calls of Russian journalists to their favorite specialists who are ready to comment on the news.

Tatiana Tarasova: Have they competed for our country a lot? I’m not judging! Did the federation do the right thing? Of course! We shouldn’t forbid people from living the way they want.

When was the last time you saw them? Why didn’t you write about it before? Is your clairvoyance not developed? Well, that’s all there is to say about it. I believe what I believe. All federations give permission, and it’s only us who don’t give it. Match TV.

“Some study abroad, some work, some come here, and some don’t. People have choices, and they make them. It’s their business whom they choose to compete for. The whole world does it that way, each person decides for themselves—how and where.

Foreigners also come to Eteri Tutberidze, and there are no dissatisfied people in their home countries. So what’s the matter?”

They have been training abroad for two years already. What’s there to be surprised about? I don’t see anything surprising about it. If you were in their situation, wouldn’t you consider trying it? Always put yourself in the athletes’ shoes.

Is it a loss for our figure skating? They haven’t done anything significant for our figure skating that would make us talk about losses.

Alexander Lakernik reacted to the news about Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin switching to another national team.

Alexander Lakernik: I am not aware of this. I cannot give an opinion on something that is not a proven fact.

“Should we trust the source?” asked the interviewer.

“Why should we trust this journalist? Moreover, he is quite scandalous. We should ask questions to the FFKR,” said the Honorary Vice President of the ISU.

Russian sports journalist Elena Vaytsekhovskaya commented on the possible transfer of Davis and Smolkin to the Georgian national team.

“Figure skating fans should definitely remember today: if Diana Davis/Gleb Smolkin join the Georgian team, their new country will officially begin the operation of winning the team Olympic medal in 2026.

Right now, everything looks scattered and unclear: almost all potential contenders (besides Davis/Smolkin, who have consistently chosen a new country throughout the season) have shown some spectacular instability. But all of them are people for whom setting goals and expecting success is definitely possible.

Anastasia Gubanova is the European champion. Nika Egadze placed 7th at the European Championships in a strong field, and he is only 21, unlike Morisi Kvitelashvili.

Karina Safina/Luka Berulava, as a sports pair, were 9th in the 2022 Olympics, 4th in the World Championships and European Championships. At the end of last season, they suddenly announced that they would no longer skate together, but it is quite obvious that on these more than qualitative “fragments,” the emergency construction of new pairs will begin.

Now, with a fairly strong pairs skating center formed in Moscow based on the Tutberidze school, results may appear quite quickly. Especially since there is excellent sparring in Pavel Sliusarenko’s group from this season.

And since the coaches for the mentioned skaters are all their own, Russian ones, it will be at least intriguing to observe the process,” Vaytsekhovskaya wrote.


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