Mao Shimada: “I want to defend my title at the World Junior Championships.”

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Mao Shimada about her goals for the upcoming season.

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Mao Shimada who became the youngest Japanese female skater to win this season’s World Junior Championships, participated in a joint training camp held in Uji, Kyoto on the May 19th. Regarding her goals for the upcoming season, she stated, “I want to defend my title at the World Junior Championships. I also want to compete in the Youth Olympics.”

To achieve these goals, she considers the stability of her triple axel and the quadruple toe loop, as a challenge. “This season, I want to focus on being able to jump the triple axel and quadruple toe loop more easily and consistently. Instead of adding new jumps, I plan to polish and improve my current techniques.”

For the next season, she has plans for new music in both the short program (SP) and free skate, and the choreography for the free skate has been completed. “I want to make my skating look bigger and make my performance more impactful. Although there are aspects I find difficult, I will work hard to practice and improve.” Since last year, Shimada has grown taller by 7.5 centimeters and currently her height is 150.5 centimeters.


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