Guillaume Cizeron: “Stephane Lambiel would love to skate a program with me? Yes! I would love that too.”

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Guillaume Cizeron about plans of Gabriella Papadakis and Madison Hubbell to perform in a pair.

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source: dd. 21st April 2023 by Solen Mathieu

Gabriella is planning to skate with Madison Hubbell and the Canadian federation recently began to abolish gender norms in pair skating and ice dancing, specifying that these disciplines needed two partners, without referring to a man and a woman. What do you think?

Guillaume Cizrton: It’s really good that the Canadian Federation is leading the way. We have to try it and I think it speaks to the public and the skaters. It will then be necessary to be open-minded to adjust the rules. But let’s not forget that we skate above all for fun. We skate because it inspires us. Everyone should be able to do what they want. There will always be people against it, but a lot of skaters want this freedom.

During an interview, Stephane Lambiel told me he would love to skate a program with you.

Guillaume Cizrton: Yes! I would love that too. Stephane is a long-time friend. We have this goal of skating together, we just have to find the time, which is not easy at the moment! We had a lot of fun working together on our free dance in 2018-2019, which he had choreographed. When I was a child, I did not watch figure skating on television a lot, but I really admired Stephane.


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