10 things that can spoil the look in figure skating

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The offseason have almost ended and first go out (especially for juniors) is soon. I think it’s time to talk about the figure skaters appearance. It’s not a secret that figure skating is very aesthetic sport and a lot of attention is paid to how the skaters look and how they dressed. I want to focus on some common details, which can significantly spoil the whole appearance.

The undisputed leader of rubric “How to spoil the look, without great efforts” is certainly tights.

tigthThe variety of choice

Oh, how many lances were broken over “white boots” and “tights on boots”. I’m a supporter of white boots. First, we are talking about figure skating, and the main instrument of the sportsman is skates, so why should they hide and disguise them, pretending like they don’t wear skates at all? Second, for my taste it is more aesthetically pleasing. However, do not forget that if you want to open the boots, it is desirable to put them in order before the performance. I mean paint the scrapes, wash shoelaces, and if needed use the tape of the same color with boots.

At the same time, I understand why some prefer the option “pull on the tights”. First, it is a matter of habit. From a young age skaters trains in boots-covers to protect them and to save the presentational look for the sell. Second, these tights make life easier for those who are used to skate barefooted or allows to wear comfortable socks.


Cowered boots vs White boots

However, fragile girls better not wear such tights. It looks a bit strange skinny legs and then an iron. I think that the desire to cover the boots with tights often comes not from objective reasons of convenience, but because of personal complexes such as “to look slimmer”. If you decide that the option to hide the boots most comfortable for you, please make sure that lights are properly secured and won’t slip from the boots during routine.

Open or closed boots? If it were only two options) As for me, choose the variant that is more comfortable for you but please don’t wear these half-and-halfer:

2Such tights don’t look good.

And, ladies, is a myth that black tights can make you slimmer.

Nude illusion mesh.

Useful thing, but why so many skaters are constantly chose the wrong shade?


Just feel the difference

Is it so difficult to choose a thin mesh that is suitable to your skin tone? Not only the color is the problem. Why the mesh often wrinkles and edges handled badly?

3Do you see the mesh? But it’s there.


Gloves can be the part of the costume and image or the necessity. In the first case, it’s a matter of taste. If you think they need here, no problem, just don’t overdo it. Long gloves with the night-dress look vulgar. If the glove is a necessity (hands freezing, there is a risk to cut yourself on one of the elements, etc.) make them part of the costume (match the color and style) or make neat and not too visible.


Again, feel the difference

Amulets and talismans

I have nothing against the charming toys, lucky coat, chain or bracelet. However, its better not to wear the whole bunch. It looks strange, especially in combination with almost an evening gown.


Looks uncomfortable

Rhinestones and sequins

The finish with rhinestones, crystals and sequins of course a great thing. Can make the costume look expensive and good under spotlights. However, let’s not get too carried away. It’s not necessarily to wear tons of crystals to look luxurious.


Morgan, relax, you can wear whatever you want)

Design refinements

I understand that you want to look bright, memorable and generally show everyone that you have a very very fancy suit. But it’s better not to use fringe, roses, frills, laces, fluttering chiffon pieces and velvet together in one costume. Chose something one, okay two :)

7Just too much

Hairstyle and makeup

Usually we focus on the skaters costumes and miss such important details as hair and makeup. But this is an important component of the overall appearance too. I understand that the bun is very convenient and easy but at least think where its better to place it. Anyway nice hairstyle is always appreciated.

Makeup in figure skating can be called theatrical but don’t get carried away. A bit brighter than usual is more than enough.


Beauty is power

Belts and trousers

Usually we discuss girls but there are some thing that boys should think about. If you need a belt in your costume make it stylistically suitable. The belt shouldn’t look like it was bought in the nearest shop,just to keep pants.

Good trousers is a key to a good costume. So, don’t make them baggy or too narrow. Skate in leggings is still prohibited for guys.

Semms they forgot to tell Max about it


The question is quite intimate, but should be taken seriously. Especially the fact that the presence or absence of the underwear should not be noticeable. This issue applies to the ladies and guys. This category includes tailoring the bottom part of the leotard. Ladies, take seriously the fitting and always try the costume before the competition. The bottom part of the leotard shouldn’t move somewhere.



You also shouldn’t be too creative with this part of your costume


Too creative

Season starts soon, look forward to seeing the performances. I hope that skaters will show not only great technique and choreo but also will look beautiful and stylish.

See the best ladies costumes of the previous season and the worst.


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17 Responses to “10 things that can spoil the look in figure skating”

  1. Figure skater says:

    tights are meant to protect you from the cold, and figure skaters wear over the boot tights because it makes our legs look longer, makes our spins look prettier

  2. Mike says:

    Personally, I’m a red blooded male and the only reason I watch the ladies ice skating is for the upskirts and to see their underwear, because some of them are HOT. That’s all, and I say so unashamedly. I bet that I wouldn’t be alone, after all, that’s why men watch volleyball, diving, tennis etc. because we want to see a woman’s butt. Simple.

  3. Emily says:

    GEE I wonder why women of colour have a harder time finding mesh that matches their skin tone? Maybe it’s because everyone’s skin is not peach or beige? https://groundswell.org/why-havent-brands-noticed-that-nude-is-not-one-color-for-everyone/

    Also, you need an editor.

  4. Jordan Curry says:

    Figure skating has always look elegant. Almost like a dream or a Disney story. Being on tv and watching it as a kid made me want to be a skater. So getting the best gear while doing that is important. So I’ll take these tips to avoid looking awful in my ice skating dream.

  5. Linda says:

    ” What is better to avoid in figure skating costumes ”

    The correct answer is flesh coloured tights and lots of nude fabric on the upper part of the dress of course.

    ” so why should they hide and disguise them, pretending like they don’t wear skates at all? ”

    I could also ask why skaters have to pretend they’re not wearing any tights at all.

    ” Is it so difficult to choose a thin mesh that is suitable to your skin tone? ”

    Ummm i believe figure skating is a winter sport, so why in god’s name would they have to worry about choosing a thin mesh just to suit your skin tone?

    Figure skating costumes should never be about showing skin considering it’s cold on the ice and once again a winter sport unless you want to join these ladies. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-OmLGIczMT24/UNwZnVHDqUI/AAAAAAACKbI/9Im5Uz1nPfs/s1600/17+The+parade-dancing+routine+embraced+the+1970s+with+sparkling+chokers,+feather-sprouting+showgirl+hats,+and+thicker+tights.jpg

    ” Especially the fact that the presence or absence of the underwear should not be noticeable.This category includes tailoring the bottom part of the leotard. ”

    It’s been noticable for decades and tailoring won’t change much.

    ” At the end of the program ladies shouldn’t look like they are wearing a thong. ”

    They mostly do in case you haven’t noticed considering all the flexible spins you see.

    ” Bottom parts of leotards made just of laces should be banned too. ”

    It doesn’t matter, you always see those inappropriate bums and underwear like here



    Now look at Marta Garcia who’s bottom part is purple and there’s almost nothing to see.



    The bottom line is get rid of flesh coloured tights and replace them with black/crimson/pink,royal/turquoise etc tights and there’s nothing to see.

  6. JAMSisExcitement says:

    SoooOOOooo manh times I’ve wondered why top skaters with every resource at their disposal and designers itching make their costumes choose, like yellowww mesh. And I don’t get why women evereverever wear pants… Even Carolina Kostner managed to look awful and camel-toe-y
    AWags is my best-dressed pick these days. Always loved Suzuki. Usually Cohen and usually Kim. Kwan’s subtle, non-sparkly, non-meshy outfits, however, take the cake as my all-time fave in general.

    • FS Gossips says:

      I think it’s always a matter of taste, because even great costumes designed by professionals can be spoiled with tights, hairstyle, strange make-up, gloves etc. And with a taste even without help of professional designer skater can look great.

      I don’t remember any bad costume from Yuna Kim! Kiira Korpi’s dresses are also beautiful. I like lots of Kostner’s costumes (except the jumpsuits), Akiko Suzuki. Now I think Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner have a potential to be called best-dressed ladies in women’s figure skating. And I also liked a lot simple elegance of Michelle Kwan’s dresses!

  7. nana23kids says:

    Amen on the underwear. At the end of the program ladies shouldn’t look like they are wearing a thong.

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