Vladimir Morozov: There is no need to comfort us

Vladimir Morozov about fourth place at the Olympics:

Nerves, big pressure, strong pairs have come to competitions. We were ready, but it happened so. We didn’t know how our competitors skated, we never watch, even on video.

It’s not for us to choose, the last starting number, two groups skated before us, the ice was already not of the first freshness, but it did not affect.

Throw is our favorite element, the most consistent. I do not know why it happened. But happened what happened. We need couple of days to recover. There is no need to comfort us. We’ll deal with it, will overcome. It happens.



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3 Comments on Vladimir Morozov: There is no need to comfort us

  1. Like, totally. I mean this program was awful at its core. I love rockabilly and boogie woogie, there are so many gorgeous songs they could have used. Christina Aguilera’s songs are NOT the ones.
    I hope they will change the choreographer. It’s such a pity that Alla Kapranova left Mozer’s team. With Nina Mozer retiring though, I believe something will change.

  2. Felicity // 15/02/2018 at 13:15 // Reply

    Hopefully, that’s the last we’ll see of that particular FP. Evgenia’s personality is “serieux” — meaning “serious”. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, and their music should have reflected that the way their SP did. Why oh why did the Federation think a Christina Aguilera swing song and a polka dot dress would suit a person with such a serieux disposition? I hated it all season, and hold the Federation responsible for trying to make Evgenia something she’s not (i.e. kooky and “fun!!!”).

    • OlgaLV // 15/02/2018 at 14:11 // Reply

      I agree with you. I also think that even with clean skating, that free program is awful and is not worth of gold. But they are marvellous pair, I hope they’ll make the right conclusions.

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