Tarasova & Morozov: new programs are one of the most successful in our career

Russian test skates 2016

Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov told about new programs which they will show at the test skates.

Guys, new programs turned out original and pretty successful. You did a great job.

Vladimir: There are no skaters, who don’t want to change, to improve, to progress. But to say and to do are different things. I think experience played a major part in this season’s programs. We have a new view on figure skating, on many things, that helped in work.

Evgenia: Alexander Gazsi did a free program. The story of the program turned out long, because at first almost nobody liked the chosen music, it was a bit difficult for figure skating. We had to look for a new and redone the program by joint efforts. With Alexander we chose a song from musical «My First Love» – called “Music was my first love”.

Vladimir: We’ve worked with Alexander not for the first time. Before that, he made us a program for gala. It turned out well and we decided to did a free program with him.

At the Russian Nationals you did a quadruple twist. Will you show this element at the test skates?

Vladimir: Yes, we do it at trainings. But we won’t do it at test skates, we’ll do it at Challenger in Bratislava and at other competitions.

Who choreographed the short program?

Evgenia: Peter Tchernyshev. We agreed with him in advance and he agreed to work with us. We love our short program. And we received a good feedback on it.

Vladimir: Music for the short program is swing step.

Something dancing?

Evgenia: A little bit. In general, we’ll appear in new image. I hope the audience will appreciate our efforts.

Looking at your trainings it’s evident that  you really like both programs.

Vladimir: That’s right. When new programs are polished, they can be called one of the most successful in our career.

source: fsrussia.ru

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