Chinese swing. Why it’s an extremely bad idea.

Chinese figure skating federation has been watching too many ice dance recently

Rumours that Cheng Peng / Hao Zhang and Xiaoyu Yu / Yang Jin  are going to switch partners are spreading fast all over the internet. And I just can’t walk by and not to say something about it too)

Yeah….I tried really hard to get through the deepness and creativeness of Chinese figure skating federation’s thoughts and to understand the whole brilliance of this idea……but honestly, I’ve failed)) Maybe, I just missing something….something like national tradition of respect for elders? Traditions it’s extremely good thing, but it doesn’t work in sport.

So, I’ll try to explain why switching partners in this two pair teams is bad idea only in terms of sporting prospects and realities. Nothing personal, just sport.

1.Ok, let’s just face it both Peng / Zhang and Yu / Jin are not medal contenders for OG 2018. But Sui and Han are. They are China’s best bet for the Olympic gold medal in 2018. Isn’t it better to concentrate on this team and support them as much as possible . When I say “support” I mean not only funding for choreographers, costumes, etc., but also some political support.  So isn’t it better to support your best pair rather than trying to work for higher scores for the new teams?

2. 2 years it’s not enough time to make a good pair in new partners combination. Even for such experienced pair skater as Hao Zhang. So, both new pair will start the season with no ranking, in first warm-up with accordant PCS scores. Hao Zhang is not a five-time World champion Aliona Savchenko, so I doubt that judges will be generous for GOE and PCS for a new pair. The position at international arena will be lost. Russian, Canadian and American federations will say – thank you China)

3. Hao Zhang obviously will retire after the OG 2018, because even Chinese pair skaters can’t skate forever. So, he’s going to retire in 2 years, and 2 years it’s obviously not enough for him and Yu to become a top pair in the world……Only I don’t see any sense of ruining a young and promising pair Yu / Jin for this?


4. According to what we can see at junior level, China doesn’t have a young and strong pairs ready to come. Yu / Jin are young, they have harmony, great elements and beautiful lines. The international audience likes them and judges actually like them too. They can be a medal contenders by the home Olympics in 2022. They also have time to improve and learn some quads. It’s the most stupid idea to destroy the future of this discipline in your country. Not to mention that pair skating is Chinese everything.

5. Yes, they will need to find a new partner for Cheng Peng, because she’s also young and good pair skater and we all would like to see her continuing skating. And maybe it’ll require splitting of some other pair….but not one of your  best! Seems, Chinese figure skating federation has been watching too many ice dance recently.

And it’s only first 5 reasons that came to my mind) I’m sure there are more of them. Because it’s just stupid. Everyone want to have theirs Volosozhar and Trankov…..but Tatiana and Max are rare exception.

If there is any petition to Chinese figure skating federation to sign, please let me know.

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3 Comments on Chinese swing. Why it’s an extremely bad idea.

    • Thank you so much! Signed the petition. Skaters must have the right to make such decisions about their career by themself, without pressure!

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