Best dresses from ISU JGP St. Gervais | ladies free program

best costumes from ISU JGP in St. Gervais

Here’s my fashion results of the ladies free program at JGP in St.Gervais.

Alina ZAGITOVA (Russia)

Alina Zagitova

Nice adaptation of balletic tutu, classic combination of red color and golden finishing. Tutu doesn’t look too heavy or to big. And no, you’re not mistaking, we’ve already seen this dress on Evgenia Medvedeva)

Alina SUPONENKO (Belarus)


Again, sorry for a bad quality of the picture( Lovely dress. Tender, romantic – exactly what a junior skater needs. Nice combination of rose and grey. Silver laces with rhinestones on the bodice look delicate. And I also like the design of the back.


Alexei Paganini

Delicate, tender dress with floral appliques – good choice for a junior skater and for the Nutcracker program. I also like the translucent sleeves of the mesh in match with the dress)

Olivia GRAN (Canada)

Olivia Gran

Another good example of totally age appropriate dress – design, choice of color. Beautiful ombre effect, moderate amount of trim and sequins. Lovely dress!

Emmi PELTONEN (Finland)

Emmi Peltonen

Gorgeous dress. She looks very classical and elegant. A lot of silver sequins but they’re wisely used and well distributed over the dress. I also want to note the interesting oblique cut on the back.

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  1. Bianca // 14/10/2016 at 17:50 // Reply

    Stephanie Plantamura is the designer of Alexia Paganini’s skating dress!!!!

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